Continuing with the investigation begun with Unité d´habitation, I propose the creation of a pop-up window that allows a reflection on the near future of retail stores. A large number of new retail stores are offered as a "third place", as a place that occupies a physical, emotional and temporary space between home and work. The design of this new generation of retail stores is due to an instrumentalization of human emotions, perceptions and sensibilities to offer a comfortable, safe and attractive experience. There are several voices that announce that capitalism is moving towards a 'market of emotions', and among them is William Davies, who in his book The Happines Industry comments that “In summary, capitalism could now be seen as an arena of psychological experiences, in which physical things were simply accessorie for the production of sensations, which will be acquired in cash." Within this framework, the new retail stores propose a physical, interactive and immersive relationship with the identity of the brands, connecting at a personal level with the client-users, creating an experimental context in which to explore interacting with a product.
This project consists in the opening of a pop-up window in which clothing is put on sale, accompanied by an interactive experience that produces an environment of relief in situations of stress. Within the pop-up visitors will be able to try pulse and body temperature sensors. Once the data is measured, they will be compared with preset values to measure the individual's level of stress, which will cause the color and intensity of the lights to change to create an environment that allows the room to respond to their stress level. Simultaneously, a scent of herbs used to treat stress and anxiety will be issued periodically.

cardiac monitor  

Users can put their hand on a cardiac sensor (1) which measures user´s pulse and is connected to an Arduino with a protoboard (2), programmed to interpret the data and change the LED´s hue and intensity (3) depending on stress level.

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